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Aquatic Insect Life Cycles | Bozeman Fly Shop

Stonefly Life Cycle
Mayfly Life Cycle

Dry fly fishing is hot around our Bozeman rivers as of now. Some of this activity consists of terrestrial activity, but there are still plenty of aquatic insects hatching out there. When bugs start to get spunky it's important that fly fishers know the different life stages of Bozeman area insects. This is particularly important to understand for mayfly life cycles on rivers such as the Missouri, Bighorn or the Paradise Valley Spring creeks.

By having an idea of what is going on with these invertebrates, fly fishers can increase their success on the river. Notice the different stages the caddisfly has from the stonefly and the mayfly. Rather than just a nymph stage, the caddis has a larva and pupa stage before it becomes an adult. This additional stage makes the entire cycle defined as complete metamorphosis whereas stoneflies and mayflies undergo incomplete metamorphosis. Midges also go through complete metamorphosis.

I keep a few patterns that represent each of these stages in my box just in case I run into one of those huge picky brown trout. Always better to be over prepared than under prepared.

Be sure to study up on your hatches before hitting Bozeman area rivers! Or, just wander into our Bozeman fly shop for helpful advice.

Life cycles courtesy of Yellowdog Fly Fishing.