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Fly Fishing Knots

Fly fishing knots can be tough to learn, but with a resource like this, knots can be a cinch!

Fly fishing knots are incredibly important when in comes to fishing success. They can be tricky to learn and even more difficult to master. However, without these knots we would not be able to attach flies to our leaders or line to our reels. The best way to get these knots figured out is certainly practice. But the best way to learn the important fly fishing knots, is by using the Orvis animated knot center. This tool includes instructions on how to tie important fly fishing knots and far more. Any fly fishing knot you could ever need can be found here! Check out the most important knots to know as a beginner fly fisher below!

Clinch Knot

Leader or tippet to fly

Surgeon's Knot

Easy leader to tippet connection

Blood Knot

Strong leader to tippet connection

Loop-Loop Connection

Quick and easy fly line to leader connection

Perfection Loop

Creates loop for loop-loop connection

If you can't figure these knots out, just swing by our Bozeman fly shop for a little help! You can also stock up on all of your favorite tippet and leaders before you hit the river!

- Secure knots and tight lines!