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How To Fly Fish

After folks take our classes or even in the shop, we are often asked about how to obtain more information about fly fishing. Luckily, Orvis has an extensive learning center to help with this exactly.

The Fins & Feathers Foundations of Fly Fishing Classes are a great starting point when it comes to getting introduced to fly fishing. After getting a taste, folks typically want more and more of this beautiful sport. The Orvis Fly Fishing Learning Center has information on casting, fly fishing for beginners, videos for advanced fly anglers, fly tying videos, animated knots and much more!

This learning center was just re-done and is now easily navigable and loaded with great fly fishing content. Check out some of the videos below.

Another great option to obtain fly fishing info is to read fishing reports or swing by our Bozeman fly shop to pick the brains of our shop staff.