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Spruce Moth Mania

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Spruce Moth Mania

Spruce moth sightings here and there the last few days tells us that those little buggers will be thiiiiick this coming week. Get ready for Gallatin River Spruce Moth mania!

Lately, we have had a lot of people coming in and asking about Spruce Moths. Are they out yet? What are they? What do you use for them? All valid questions. Even folks that have never heard have them have been asking about the little creatures. What do they look like? What patterns are used to imitate them? Again, all valid questions.

Potter's Fat Head Moth

Spruce Moths, as the name would indicate, are moths that live, eat, and breed in spruce and other fir trees. Sometimes these moths find themselves in the water anywhere near those same spruce trees, fluttering about. There are a few real good patterns to imitate the true moths, such as the Fat Head Moth, the Twisted Baby patterns, and, of course, the Spruce Moth patterns, all stocked here in our Bozeman fly shop. Most patterns are similar to an Elk Hair Caddis but a little blonder or a little more greyish, maybe slightly larger and bushier. Sizes range from a 16 to a size 12. It seems that some of the most productive areas around here include the Gallatin Canyon, Upper Madison, and Quake Lake. In terms of fish keying in on spruce moths, the best fishing is usually late mornings when the moths hang out closer to the water, especially during periods of hot weather. They should be around in good numbers for at least a couple weeks, so get out there and give them a try before they are gone! Check out our top 3 spruce moth patterns below!

Cream Spruce Almighty

Elk Hair Spruce Moth

YFG Spruce Moth