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The BWO Show

BWO's have been spotted on all of our Bozeman area rivers and fish are eating them. Gear up at our Bozeman fly shop as the BWO hatches get better and better.

BWO's have been hatching in small numbers on all of our favorite rivers around Bozeman. The lower Madison has consistently had fish rising from about 1pm - 4pm. Keep your eyes peeled for extremely subtle rises. Bigger fish are often making the smallest impression on the surface of the water. Baetis have been hatching on the Gallatin even a little later in the day from about 2pm - 5pm. East of Bozeman, on the Yellowstone, the blue wings are coming off in relatively good numbers. Finding a day windless enough for the bugs to actually hit the water has proved to be the most difficult challenge. Near Ennis, the upper Madison is somewhat behind. BWO's should be moving once the water temperature finally warms up. The hatch hasn't quite hit its potential but with a few more warm days the number of bugs and rising fish could be immense. Get geared up and learn everything you can about fishing this hatch by using the resources below.

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Drop by our Bozeman fly shop for more tips and tricks on fishing the BWO hatch before you head out. We might even tell you a few of our favorite flies. Tight lines!