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Top 5 August Attractor Dries

August provides a unique opportunity for fly anglers to fish using "attractor" fly patterns on many of the large rivers and small streams around Southwest Montana.

Attractor Pattern - A fly that entices trout with a sexy appeal that does necessarily imitate a specific insect.

Fishing with attractor patterns, particularly dry flies, is refreshing for fly fishers for several reasons. First and foremost, this variety of dry fly is often larger and easier to see than a hatch specific fly. Quite helpful for those who are suffering from eyesight deterioration. These flies can be fished in all types of water and have the potential to bring fish to the surface that would not be willing to take a less appealing fly. When successfully fishing attractors, it is common to go all day without changing flies, that is of course, if you disregard breaking flies off in the brush. But, my personal favorite reason for fishing attractor dry flies is the ruthless aggression at which trout want to consume these patterns.

With trout food covering nearly all of our Bozeman rivers through late summer, August is certainly a great time for fishing attractor dry fly patterns on small streams and larger rivers alike.

Check out a few of my favorite " attractor" dry fly patterns that can be purchased at our Bozeman fly shop.

Royal Trude

Pink Hippie Stomper

Purple Summer Stone

Olive Amy's Ant

Peach Low Rider Stone

Ask the other shop trout bums about their favorite attractor dry flies next time you stop by our Bozeman fly shop.