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Top 5 Blue Winged Olive Dry Flies

The best dry flies to use for the Fall Blue Winged Olive (BWO) hatch in Southwest Montana. This list includes patterns to imitate both duns and spinners for the Fall baetis hatch.

With the Fall blue winged olive hatch approaching rapidly, it is important to have the proper dry flies to trick fish that are crushing duns, and or, spinners. These patterns will work through the thick of the baetis hatch this season on our favorite Montana streams and rivers. For the most success this Fall, have a fly box filled with these must have BWO dries and know how to fish the Fall BWO hatch in Southwest Montana.

BWO Hi-Vis Parachute

Easy to see, simple, and effective. Works on all Montana rivers until the fish get suuuper picky. Very very good fly for freestones like the Gallatin River.

Rusty Profile Spinner

The Rusty spinner is the Elite spinner for nearly all mayfly hatches, BWO hatch in particular. Works on spring creeks, tailwaters like the Missouri, and on freestones when trout refuse a dun.

Film Critic

Fish that won't eat duns, won't even look at spinners, and are likely crushing emergers, can be tricked by this pattern. Dunk only the post and watch this fly work it's magic. Easy to see in overcast conditions.

Baetis Paracripple

Very natural and one of the best dry flies when trout are not crazy picky. Works well as a dun and is surprisingly effective when trout are eating emergers. Madison River special.

CDC Biot Comparadun

Well, this fly has CDC on it. Trout love CDC. It's buggy. It floats. It just works. Enough said.