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Top 5 Fall Streamers

Streamer fishing has been picking up around Southwest Montana. Pick up these top 5 streamers for the shot at a fish of a lifetime this fall.

Fall has set in as has the yearly streamer hucking craze. Big fish are bulking in preparation for winter and this means they are willing to eat meat. The water temperatures are not super chilly yet so these fish are also prepared to move to get their food. This means stripping big flies can result in aggressive takes. It is tough to beat the feeling of hooking a trout of a mysterious size on a large fly and pondering what is on the end. Stock up on streamers and have a box full of the right ones to catch the massive trout we have all dreamed about this fall.

Olive Mini Dungeon

  • pushes water
  • swims like a dream
  • big fish love it
  • the name though

Sparkle Yummy

  • big browns love big meals
  • great on a bright day
  • all colors work
  • that tail really kicks

Yellow Peanut Envy

  • eazy 2 huk
  • slim profile seems to trick wary critters
  • big browns love baby browns...
  • dances like Elaine Benes

Sparkle Minnow

  • If you know you know
  • great in all colors
  • not too heavy
  • just heavy enough

Masked Avenger

  • not heavy
  • not fished by many
  • great color
  • simply works

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