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Top 5 Hot Grasshopper Patterns

Now that hopper fishing has come into play here in Southwest Montana, it's important to have a box full of the best hoppers for tricking massive trout in late summer.

We have had some solid success fishing hoppers this last week on all of our Bozeman area rivers and that action is only going to get better as we get deeper into the summer. Single hoppers on the Yellowstone or hopper dropper rigs on the upper Madison have been getting fish to the net daily. Not only does our Bozeman fly shop have the best hopper selection but we also have the widest variety of grasshopper patterns for any hopping terrestrial fishing situation.

Morrish Hopper

The standard tried and true hopper for years, the Morrish is available in sizes #14 - #8 and in colors tan, golden, pink, black and purple to match nearly any hopper you see on the river. They float low in the water and trick some mega critters when fished alone especially in #8. They aren't great for tying a dropper below, but this pattern is the best grasshopper to fish solo available.

Morningwood Hopper

Morningwood hoppers are ready to go for dawn patrol but have the stamina to work all day long. Available in peach and yellow in sizes #10 & #12 they can trick fish on spring creeks but float through riffles on the upper Madison. A thinner profile than most hoppers that trout can't resist and a pattern that isn't fished by many anglers pole vaults this fly to the top of my go-to hopper list. This fly doesn't however fish well with a dropper.

Henneberry Hopper

By far the most natural looking hopper in our fly shop, the Henneberry lands upright nearly every cast and holds a tungsten headed nymph up with no problem. It is available in tan and yellow and seriously looks identical to the majority of hoppers I see around Bozeman rivers. Fish this fly alone, with a nymph, or with a second dry fly for huuuge success.

Panty Dropper Hopper

I think the name says it all with this hopper pattern. The accentuated, thick back legs get eats when no other pattern seems to be working. The Panty Dropper will hold up light droppers but not necessarily heavy Rubberlegs or perdigons. It is available in sizes #14 -#8 and colors tan, flesh, and yellow to match any hopper you might see.

Grand Hopper

This hopper is fatt. The largest profile, floats the highest, holds up the larges hoppers and is available in size #4. Yup, size #4. It's both massive and awesome. The grand is also available in purple, tan, pink and flesh and sizes #14 - #4. When hoppers are happening, the Grand hopper will not disappoint.

The hopper fishing is really picking up and has been darn tootin' hot this last week. Stop by Fins & Feathers to browse a huge selection of hoppers, and the best gear in Bozeman. Fishing From rods & reels to packs and lines we've got it all!

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