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Top 5 Spring Blue Winged Olive Nymphs

The absolute best nymphs to fish before and during the Spring Blue Winged Olive (BWO) hatch in Southwestern Montana.

With the Spring blue winged olive hatch approaching rapidly, it is a great time to start fishing patterns that imitate baetis nymphs. These patterns will work now through the end of the hatch in November. For the most success this Fall, have a fly box filled with these must have BWO nymphs and know how to fish the BWO hatch in Southwest Montana.

Olive Micro May

Right size, profile, and color with just enough flash to get it done. Fish behind a larger dry fly (#16) or with a split shot and an indicator.

Tungsten Jig Baetis

Too heavy to fish under a dry fly but great to work over fish that are mid water column or lying on the bottom of the river. Best on Gallatin or upper Madi.

Dark Olive Two Bit Hooker

My personal favorite throughout the next two months. Can be fished behind a dry or under an indicator. This picks off picky fishing that are feeding mid water column. Very realistic baetis nymph imitation. Great for Missouri or Lower Madison type water.

Purple Juju Baetis

Elite when fish are really picky during the hatch and are only taking flies just below the surface of the water. Drop below a dun or fish with a second fly with a split shot under an indicator. And it's purple. Purple just works. Best spring creek BWO nymph.

Olive Czech Bomb

Great for bouncing along the bottom weeks before BWO's start hatching in big numbers. This pattern also crushes early in the morning when the hatch is going but before baetis start coming off.