Top 5 Streamers | Fall 2020 – Fins and Feathers Bozeman
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Top 5 Streamers | Fall 2020

Streamer fishing around Bozeman has been hot and will be for a few more days. If you are a streamer junkie and don't have these 5 flies you are missing out!

Tan/Yellow Double Gonga

  • Easy to see
  • Gets Deep
  • Low water absorption
  • Very effective

Olive Peanut Envy

  • Easy to cast
  • Great motion
  • Sticky (keeps fish hooked)
  • Olive (I dig green)

Olive/Yellow Mini Viking Midge

  • Pushes Water
  • Rubber legs
  • Great color scheme
  • Lots of action in the tail

Tan Silk Kitty

  • Looks like a whitefish
  • Back hook really kicks
  • Irresistible to big fish
  • Excellent profile

Black/Copper Grandmaster Flash

  • Great for swinging
  • Lightweight
  • Hook up on short strikes
  • Low water absorption
It seems like we have skipped over fall once again. But, if you plan on getting a few streamer days in this week, swing by our Bozeman fly shop to browse the best streamer selection in town!