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Top 5 Winter Euro Style (Tactical) Nymphs

Euro style (Tactical) nymphs are rapidly gaining traction in Western Montana fly fishing. I think there is one main reason that this is the case. These flies work. Keep reading to learn why tactical nymphs are so effective and our Bozeman fly shop's top 5 winter euro flies.

Tactical Nymphs

Over the past few years our Euro or Tactical nymph selection has exploded from around 10 patterns to nearly 40. Our selection is now Bozeman's best Tactical nymph selection. Why did we take our selection of these flies to the next level you might ask. The answer is simple. We fished this style of fly and they worked. Well. Really well. They worked shockingly well. One fly in particular became our favorite. The Perdigon. This fly has a heavy tungsten bead, a UV epoxy body, and a very fine coq-de-leon tail tied on a jig hook. These attributes allow the perdigon to plummet to where the fish live with very little resistance and ride hook point up to avoid snagging debris on the river bottom.

Top 5 Winter Flies

Butano Lite Brite Perdigon

Whether it's high and off-color water or running a hopper-dropper rig, this fly seems to produce. The body of the fly explodes with fluorescent flashes when under UV light, making it a must-have when trying to distinguish your fly from the thousands of naturals in the water column. Give this fly a shot and you won't be disappointed.

PMD Quill Spanish Bullet

One of our favorites for the month of July. This fly also seems to get all the picky fish to turn their heads and roll during the colder months. A great fly to run on the local tailwaters with a midge below. Most of us here at the shop will have this on us throughout the year as a go-to-pattern.

Black Spanish Bullet

Another tailwater must-have. This fly crushes year round but we've found that in the Fall and Winter, this fly can end up making your day. Low and clear water? no problem. When in doubt, catch some trout.

Red Tungsten Bead Jig Copper John

Everyone has their tough days, especially on the freestones. The Copper John is a staple on the Yellowstone and Gallatin rivers. Make It heavier and hang up less? I'm in.

Jiggy Hare & Copper

One of the buggiest patterns ever. Now we carry the jigged version here at the shop making it a lethal threat to trout all across SW Montana. This fly imitates a lot of insects, generally Caddis, and can be helpful when you are having a difficult time picking the right flies for the right water.