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Why Fish Hold In Front Of Rocks

Fall is a great time to hit the river in search of big brown trout. It is helpful to know where big fish like to sit, when an angler has this goal in mind. Learn about the most overlooked big fish spot right here!

Fall is a beautiful time to be on the river. The weather is mild or awful (perfect for fishing), fair weather anglers and hunters are off the river, and trout are hunnggryyyy. Browns, with spawn in mind, have to start prepping for this strenuous activity by crushing big meals.

Fall = streamer fishing.

Important factors that come to mind when I think of a successful day of streamer fishing include, but are not limited to, covering water, weather conditions, and most importantly, knowing where the streamer munching critters live. Undercut banks, slow pools, rip rap, and behind structure all come to mind. What is the most overlooked holding water for big trout? In front of rocks can often be missed by anglers but can be home to MEGA brown trout. Next time you are hucking streamers on your favorite trout stream, maybe swing a fly in front of that big boulder instead of behind, you might find a nice surprise.

Find out why trout live in front of boulders from Orvis.