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We Have Feathers

We have feathers folks. Feathers for dries, feathers for streamers and everything in between.

Feathers have been tough to come by, but luckily, our friends at Whiting Farms have just shipped us a massive load of feathers. Here are some of the highlights of what we received.

Whiting Tailing Packs

Trying to fuel the perdigon fishing addiction? The most important part of the perdigon is the Coq De Leon tail. Our fly shop now has a huge selection of tailing packs to keep the perdigons rolling from your vise.

Super ‘Bou

Fishing and tying with marabou is pretty great right? What if I told you there is a material that is more durable and has more movement in the water? Well good news, Whiting Super ‘Bou is that material and it is now available at Fins!

Dry Fly Hackle

Capes, Saddles, and 100 packs galore. All of the meticulous dry fly tiers can now happily whip up their size 22 tricos and midges uninterrupted. Nearly every color of hackle imaginable is now in inventory at our fly shop!

As days get cooler and shorter, time on the vise will become more and more appealing. Get prepared by shopping all of our fly tying tools and materials right here!