2019 Orvis Clearwater Reel – Fins and Feathers Bozeman
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2019 Orvis Clearwater Reel

The Orvis Clearwater reel is a reliable and powerful reel for the price. Add the rod and the fly line and you have one of the best beginner packages for only $311!

Clearwater Reel

The 2019 Orvis Clearwater reel has received quite the facelift from the previous Clearwater. The current version maintains the tried and true Rulon-to-stainless steel, stacked disc drag system and light large arbor design with some additional features. The overall finish has been updated to the much more appealing, stealthy, matte-gray powder coat finish, and the new design reduces weight and has greatly improved looks. The Orvis Clearwater is available in our Bozeman fly shop in two sizes, the II (4-6wt.) and IV (7-9wt.), for only $89 and $98 respectively. For a great performance-to-value reel, look no further than the Orvis Clearwater.

This reel brings together the Orvis Clearwater rod and reel package perfectly. Beginner anglers or fly fishers looking for a reliable back up rod and reel can take it easy on their wallets with the Orvis Clearwater package for only $311!