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Fishe Packs

Fishe bags now available in our Bozeman fly shop.

Fishe dry bags are now available in our Bozeman fly shop! These functional pieces of art are great for those hitting the river on a rainy summer afternoon, launching on the Smith River or just a quick walk through downtown Bozeman. With a great backstory and even better purpose these bags can make a great gift or are perfect for serious anglers that do serious fishing.

About Fishe

The story of Fishe® Wear begins with one woman’s passion for fly fishing. After a lifetime of fishing in ill-fitting clothing, Linda Leary founded Fishe® Wear with the goal of creating functional fishing fashion for women. She founded the company in 2015.

Little known fact: Linda originally wanted to name the company “Lindy Line” after her inspiration, and father, Lindy. Lindy shared his passion for fly fishing with Linda when she was a small girl growing up in Maine.


It took Linda less than one year to file for a business license to manufacture and begin selling her first Fishe® Wear. Starting with an online model (and occasional back-of-the-car method), Linda quickly added a showroom/shop space in Anchorage, in addition to her online store.


The company started the year by adding its first staff member and artist, Chaney. Additionally, the Fishe team began gearing up for a Kickstarter campaign. In October 2016, Fishe® Wear ran a four-week Kickstarter campaign to raise $50,000. The goal was to raise funds to manufacture a merino wool collection and launch a new fish design, the Troutrageous Rainbow. The campaign was quickly funded and ended with more than $66,000!


Fishe® Wear made a splash by attending its first Fly Fishing Show in Denver, CO followed by ICAST/IFTD in Orlando, FL. With requests coming in from around the country, Fishe® began working with fly shops to carry Fishe® Wear. Now Fishe® can be found in multiple locations around the country, in addition to the online store and Anchorage-based showroom.


The year of the Orvis collaboration. Fishe® is excited to team up with Orvis in spring 2018 to offer an Orvis sling pack featuring the Groovy Grayling design!

Fishe Dry Bag Backpack

You asked for a dry bag BACKPACK, and we listened! Not only does it boast more carrying capacity and comfortable backpack straps, the bag has plastic quick-release buckles to secure your roll-top! Currently only available in the Groovy Grayling pattern.

Perfect for hiking and wading to your secret fishing spot, off the beaten path. This bag will protect your extra layers, fly box and lunch from all the elements you encounter on your next outdoor adventure.

Works double-time as the perfect bag for traveling, bike commuting, hitting the gym and going to school. No matter where you go, this bag will protect what is important to you. Our only warning is that you be prepared to have total strangers stop you to find out where they can get one, too!