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Fishpond Submersible Lumbar and Sling Padded Inserts

Add much needed storage to your Fishpond Thunderhead Submersible Lumbar or Sling pack with the new padded inserts. These inserts are huge for adding an organizational component to your waterproof Fishpond Pack.

The only qualm we have heard about fishpond submersible packs is the lack of compartments for organizing gear. Luckily, they have come up with the perfect solution. These padded inserts are perfect for adding that much needed organizational structure to these bomb proof packs.

Sling Pack Insert

Lumbar Pack Insert

The new Fishpond Thunderhead Submersible Eco series are the toughest waterproof packs on the market and are now fully in stock in our Bozeman fly shop. We have the Thunderhead Lumbar Sling and Backpack all featuring TRU Zip technology and a new eco friendly recycled material.

Learn more about these products below! Drop by the shop to pick up a padded insert for your Submersible Fishpond Pack.