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Frog Eyes Strike Indicators

We have just received a new fly fishing indicator in our Bozeman fly shop that will give our favorite indicator brands a run for their money. Frog Eyes Strike Indicators are light-weight, easy to cast, easy to use, environmentally friendly strike indicators that are produced in Austria.

We just received Frog Eyes strike indicators in our Bozeman fly shop and are very excited to test them out. Frog eyes are first and foremost, simple and easy to use. Secondly, they are made with environmentally friendly materials that can be used for a long period of time.

The Frog Eyes Indicator

The Frog Eyes Indicator

Why Frog Eyes?

The team from FROG EYES has developed a unique strike indicator. It is inspired by nature and was made for absolute efficiency and professionalism. Fly-fishing and nature – those are our passions.

Created for absolute simplicity and functionality, the strike indicator from FROG EYES provides you with the possibility to concentrate on the one thing that really matters in the water: the fish. The strike indicator is rapidly assembled and ensures a firm grip on the front compartment, so that you can rely on it in every situation.


  • is assembled and disassembled within seconds.
  • can be re-used for a long period of time.
  • provides a firm grip on the front compartment, but is also adjustable at the same time
  • has a perforated surface and therefore provides best performance for the litter.
  • best buoyancy is ensured by optimized material property.
  • is produced under fair conditions in social institutions in Austria.

How to Use Frog Eyes

1. Put the string centrally between the rubber lips and pull it slightly sidewards in one direction down to the plastic clamp.

2. Now put the string in the other direction down to the plastic clamp.

3. Now adjust the FROG EYES strike indicator to the desired position on the front compartment. Make sure that the string is located centrally in the clamp. If necessary, pull some more to adjust.

Fairness towards nature in all its facets – the FROG EYES indicator is produced in Austria under the most professional and attentive conditions. Also due to its longevity and the best grip on the strings it helps to protect the one thing which it was made for – life at and in the water!

These Strike Indicators are now available at our Bozeman fly shop. Both green and red are available. A 5 pack of 12mm indicators is available in green and red and a 4 pack of 15mm red indicators all for $16.95. Stop in and pick some up on your way to the river.