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G-Loomis NRX+ First Thoughts | Bozeman Fly Shop

The new G-Loomis NRX+ sticks have started to trickle into our Bozeman fly shop. The NRX+ rod will be available in saltwater and freshwater versions and the NRX+ LP (Light Presentation) only in freshwater sizes. After the initial few casting sessions with this stick here are my first thoughts.

NRX+ Freshwater Specs

The NRX+ excels in picking up line and generating line speed. I found that this rod feels slightly faster than the previous NRX but feels lighter in the hand. It balances perfectly with standard weight reels enabling crisp and direct casting. Being able to throw tight stable loops into the wind at 70 or at 25 feet with great accuracy really made this rod stand out. Within the series after brief casting sessions the 9' 5wt. and 9' 6wt. rods really stuck out as perfect sticks for Bozeman area waters.

NRX+ Salt Specs

The NRX+ Saltwater fly rod boasts many of the same impressive features of the freshwater version but feels even faster to handle tougher fishing conditions. Although the salt is faster it still has the feel, and smooth, rapid recovery for making quick shots or adjusting on a moving target. Stand outs in the salt version of the new NRX include the 9' 8wt. and 9' 10wt.

Use the NRX+ as your new primary rod to "crush variables" in Southwest Montana.

NRX+ LP Specs

Now this rod is something that is right up my alley. As a small, technical, dry fly enthusiast, this moderate action fly rod excels at softly placing a #18 in front of a picky trout. Dry fly fishing the livingston area Spring Creeks or the Missouri just got that much more enjoyable with the NRX+ LP. Producing excellent accuracy with smooth precision and just powerful enough to turn that fly over on the Madison is no problem at all for the new LP. The stand out for me was the 9' 4wt. followed closely by the 9' 5wt.

Swing by our Bozeman fly shop to give the NRX+ Rods a test cast as they roll into the store. (NRX+ Salt 10wt. and NRX+ LP 5wt. in the shop now)