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GHOSTech Strike Indicators Available Now

The new GHOSTech Strike Indicators are available now in our Bozeman fly shop. When a delicate presentation to spooky fish is necessary, GHOSTech Indicators lay out without a splash and detect the most subtle strikes.

When nymphing in shallow, slow moving, clear water, delicacy is everything GHOSTech Strike Indicators provide just that. Delicacy, a tight hold on your leader, and the ability to adjust them based on your flies or the water body you are fishing, makes GHOSTech one of the most versatile indicators on the market. Great for our local spring creeks, the Gallatin or Lower Madison.

GHOSTech Directions

100% Splash Free. No Splash = More Fish.

  • Cast To Fish Without Scaring Them.
  • Faster Attachment, Depth Adjustments, & Removal
  • Screws on varying sizes of leader material from butt section to 7x (without slipping)

Casts More NATURALLY Like Yarn Indicators

  • ELIMINATES Sloppy slingshot casting of heavy, bulky indicators (Making GHOSTech’s Less Likely to tangle)
  • GHOSTech is 100% ready to fish
  • Less Weight = Less Tangles / Less Disturbance To The Water
  • 1/5 the weight of other strike indicators

Changeable Buoyancy For Multiple Water Types / Weights of Flies

  • Always Have The Right Indicator With You
  • Floating Air Pucks Can Be Stacked to Change Indicator Buoyancy
  • One Pack Of GHOSTech Indicators Will Replace 5-6 Different Styles And Sizes of Alternative Indicators - Designed To Save You Money

GHOSTech Indicators are available in orange, green, pink, yellow, and white in our Bozeman fly shop. Stop by to pick some up or buy GHOSTech online now!