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Hardy Ultralite X Rod Review

The Hardy Ultralite X fly rod is officially in the "Silly Nice" Category of fly rod. Whether you want an all around, do-it-all, fast action 5wt. or a 6 or 7wt. specifically for casting heavy streamers, I have no problem saying you will absolutely love any model of the Hardy Ultralite X. Get the Ultralite X today from our Bozeman fly shop.

I can't stress enough how amazing the Ultralite X is. But, I will try my best to describe what casting this rod is like. First, the name "Ultralite" is on point. Even the 7wt. feels like nothing in hand. Perfect for casting streamers from the boat all day. Anytime wind comes into play, such as everyday in Montana, having a rod with the backbone to power a tight loop straight into the wind is crucial. Many rods can do it, but not many do it with the ease of the Ultralite X. All of this punch sounds great when throwing a heavy streamer, but today you brought one rod, the Ultralite X and now fish are hammering BWO's on the surface. No problem. This Hardy stick can easily plop a Baetis dun on a picky trouts head with just the right finesse to trick that fish into eating your fly.

Control and accuracy with this fly rod are second to none and the rod is just a treat to cast. I have geeked out about fly rods before, but this one, the Hardy Ultralite X is now at the top of my list for fast-action rods. For streamer fishing, the 7 weight is the champ. For all around, take the 5 weight. For a mix of streamers or hopper dropper rigs, the 6 weight is for you. Drop by to test cast any of the models to see why myself, and the rest of the shop staff are excited about this rod.

The color is a stunning metallic red, carbon fiber near the cork, and the rod is completely outfitted with recoil guides. A huge feature for those who can be hard on their gear. Once you have this thing in your hand it is tough to set it down.

Hardy Ultralite X

The Ultralite X rod family from Hardy is super fast and incredibly light in hand. New for 2020 - these rods are among our favorites here in our Bozeman fly shop for everyday use on our larger rivers like the Madison and Yellowstone. Weather and conditions often call for a versatile rod to handle everything from streamers to dries on a given day, the Ultralite X is a true standout in the versatile, fast-action fly rod category for fly fishing in Montana and anywhere else that trout call home.

There are adverse conditions that place a different set of demands on our equipment - extreme weather, extreme distance, or even extreme flies. The Ultralite X is the answer to those demands and is significantly faster than our standard Ultralite. The high recovery rates drive tight loops with even the largest flies. The more powerful butt section is built for lifting deep sunk lines, pressuring large fish away from snags, and handling density compensated fly lines with aggressive tapers.


  • Sintrix NSX combined with a greater percentage of high modulus carbon fibre
  • Rapid taper blank design maximizes material performance
  • Ceramic lined titanium recoil guides
  • Rod of choice for high performance situations
  • $850


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If you don't believe me about how great this rod is, seriously, stop by and cast it so you can see for yourself! If nothing else, stop by our Bozeman fly shop to browse more from Hardy and the best fly rod selection in town!