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Introducing Korkers River Ops

Korkers newest wading boot is now available in our Bozeman fly shop. This boot is built for anglers that are tough on gear and need reliable, stable comfort all day.

If you're a serious angler and spend the vast majority of your days wading around rivers in Southwest Montana you need a wading boot that takes angling as seriously as you. Comfort, durability, and stability are all required from a boot to take your mind off watching your step and let you focus on catching fish. The Korkers River Ops boots are just the boot for a serious fly fisher.

Korkers River Ops

  • Protective exoskeleton with no exposed stitching
  • Enhanced heel cup for maximum stability and comfort
  • Felt sole and Vibram sole included
  • Starting at $259.99

Our fly shop has the largest selection of waders and wading boots. Stop by to get geared up for Spring fly fishing.