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RIO's Elite Predator Line Explained

When it comes to catching big fish in Southwest Montana fishing a streamer is a great way to get it done. Get your fly in front of the MEGA trout by using the RIO Elite Predator fly line.

A cloudy and rainy day like today gets the boys in the shop fired up about streamer fishing. Trout seem a little more likely to move on flies and crush a large meal than they do on a hot day with bright sun. The best fly line to get a fly right where needs to be, whether fishing from a boat or wade fishing is the RIO Elite Predator fly line. This line is designed specifically for turning over large and heavy flies to perfectly tuck them into tight spots. The Predator series also comes in a variety of sink rates and line sizes. Stop by our Bozeman fly shop to pick up your Predator line before your next streamer fishing adventure!

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