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Sage SENSE & Redington TILT

New gear is piling into our Bozeman fly shop these days – in addition to a steady supply of daily “re-ups” from our various partners across the inventory.

Here are 2 exciting new products that showed up earlier this season that have been very popular in our Bozeman fly shop. Demand for these types of products has never been higher and future availability is likely to be minimal throughout 2021:



The Sage SENSE 3100 European Style Nymphing rod is the go-to all around model in this newest purpose-built American made fly rod. Built on Generation 5 Graphite, the SENSE features a matte finish blank for enhanced camo while stalking wary trout along with purpose-built guide placement for improved line control. The SENSE 3100 sells for $650, features Sage’s lifetime warranty, and is USA made.

Redington TILT Reel

Redington TILT

The Redington TILT reel is an innovative solution for the growing masses of anglers that are picking up European Style Nymphing as an alternative method of fly-fishing. The TILT (and Sage ESN Reel) features a full frame construction, sealed drag design, and removable weights to help fine tune the balance of the overall outfit. Many anglers prefer to have the overall balance to be heavier in hand than a traditional rod/reel outfit – the removeable weights enables the angler to “dial-in” this feel like never before. The TILT is available in 2 colors and retails for $279.99.

Additional news is that we recently received a nice re-supply from Simms and currently have a good selection of Tributary, Classic Guide, G3, G4, and G4Z waders. There will continue to be limited availability for some time, so we really encourage you to pick up these highly desirable items when you find them these days. Whether you shop online or prefer to visit us in the store, just let us know if you can’t find what you are looking for and we will do our best to get you an ETA on your special orders.