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Sage SONIC Fly Rod Review

Earlier this spring, during the heat of the caddis hatch on the lower Madison, I was able to test out the newest addition to Sage's fly rod lineup, the Sage SONIC.

SONIC First Thoughts

The first thing I noticed when I picked up the rod was the stunning dark green (Juniper) paint job. The SONIC immediately took the top ranking in my coveted "Sexiest Fly Rod" list. I then gave the rod a good wiggle and went through my casting motion. l noticed how the tip was slightly softer than other current Sage rods and how well it tracked and how quickly it was able to recover. Surprising for a rod that cost less than $700. This flex profile just felt powerful. I recall initially thinking that the SONIC felt heavy in hand, but once I put a reel on it the rod balanced nicely and felt just as light as comparable rods of the competitors.

I spent the next few hours fishing the SONIC and analyzing the rod. Overall, the performance was excellent. It's sexiness is unmatched by any rod on the market today. It dealt with the lower Madison wind with no issue, softly set caddis dries inches from the bank, and offered incredible tippet protection when fighting fish. The SONIC is a fly rod that is fun to fish and can provide an angler with all around versatility for any fishing conditions.

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Sage SONIC - $575


Versatile performance in both fresh and saltwater, the new Sage Sonic series of American made fly rods deliver premium performance for any situation.

Multi-Application / Fast Action

Whether laying down dry flies with finesse or delivering streamers to distant reaches, the SONIC family of rods provides uncompromised versatility, with a balance of power and feel. Delightfully crisp and lightweight, the SONIC has a level of performance that stands out from the crowd with a fast action taper designed to cover a wide range of fishing applications from dry fly, streamers, to nymphing - floating lines to sinking. Built on Konnetic Technology blanks, casts with the SONIC are as intuitive as they are natural - responsive in hand with excellent tracking qualities. Ready for any application the day has in store. Dressed in a Juniper shaft color with Hardwood insert (anodized aluminum matte slate on fighting-butt models), and charcoal thread wraps that blend into the blank accents, the SONIC sports a timeless and elegant look that fits into most any fly fishing environment. Handcrafted in the USA and packaged in a premium rod bag and tube, we’ve pulled out all the stops to create a family of rods ideal for any application - any angler. Cast With Confidence.


  • Konnetic Technology
  • Juniper blank color
  • Charcoal primary thread wraps with Gunmetal trim wraps
  • Fuji ceramic stripper guides
  • Hard chromed snake guides and tip-top
  • Black rod bag with Titanium logo and Green model tag
  • Matte Black powder coated aluminum rod tube with Sage Medallion

Fly Line Recommendation for Sage SONIC Fly Rods

- All-Around: RIO Gold WF or RIO Technical Trout

Graphite Technology


Improved accuracy is a result of smoother tracking and increased line speed and line control... all features of Sage’s revolutionary Konnetic Technology®. Creating an impossibly light blank with enhanced hand-to-fly sensitivity, Konnetic Technology utilizes advanced modulus positioning that places carbon fibers to exacting tolerances. This creates slimmer blank profiles with unparalleled strength and efficient energy transfer throughout the shaft. Konnetic Technology’s highly responsive and robust blanks feel connected, offering significantly enhanced torsional stability and minimal vibration for casts that track effortlessly and accurately.

​Unique, proprietary carbon/resin composite developed specifically for Konnetic Technology® rods and found exclusively in Sage rods.
Advanced modulus positioning creates slimmer profiles, greater strength, & more efficient energy transfer along the length of the shaft.
Optimized hoop to axial fiber positioning reduces blank weight and enhances cross-sectional strength and performance.
High compression molding for increased fiber density, reducing weight with uncompromised durability.
Superior tracking through minimized lateral and torsional movement.
Focused energy transfer creates greater connectivity with less effort.


The Sage Lifetime Warranty

Every new Sage rod, blank and Sage series reel is covered by our lifetime, original owner warranty against defects in materials or workmanship.

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