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Scientific Anglers Absolute Trout

Find out why many of the Fins & Feathers guides and shop staff have been switching over to the new Scientific Anglers Absolute Trout leader and Tippet material.

After fishing with the all New Absolute Trout tippet and leaders from SA I'm officially hopping on the bandwagon. Tippet diameter has been incredibly consistent between spools and when matched with the leaders, knot strength has been mind blowing. I have found that a 9' 5x leader with 2 feet of 5x tippet and a D&D cripple can robustly tug on huge fish without faulting. Additionally, the tapers of the leaders are designed to punch through a stiff wind but still delicately present a fly. Try the Absolute Trout tippet and leaders to find out for yourself!

  • Tapers specifically designed for Trout fishing
  • Heavy butt diameters for powerful accurate deliveries
  • Supple material for drag free drifts
  • Lengths- 7.5' 0-6X, 9' 0-7X

Material: Nylon
Water Type: Freshwater
Fishing Type: Dries, Indicators, Nymphs, Big Dries, General, Stillwater
Length: 7.5 ft, 9 ft
Species: Trout


Absolute leaders are made with proprietary copolymer blends that are designed to drastically reduce water absorption while maintaining an optimal suppleness for high knot strength. Absolute nylon leaders and tippet have a 29% higher wet knot strength compared to our previous material and up to 40% higher wet knot strength when compared to our competitors. Our new paper-based leader packaging is now 100% recyclable. All materials, inks, and window are fully biodegradable to protect our streams and reduce our environmental footprint. Please don’t litter.