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Simms PRO Nipper

Why carry several fly fishing tools when you can reduce your stream side load to one? The only thing that Simms' PRO Nipper can't do is unhook a fish.

When catching fish is on an angler's mind, there is no sense in digging through a pack in search of a tool that might be buried at the bottom. Keep one tool around your neck to increase fish catching efficiency and reduce frustration. The Simms' PRO Nipper will cut tag ends, crush BB split shot, and assist in attaching flies to a fly fishers leader. Lacking, a spring means it will always be open and ready to nip! Heck, it's even made in the United States!

PRO Nipper Specs

  • Durable anodized aluminum handles with stainless steel jaws and rare earth magnets
  • Magnetic spring never wears out
  • Magnetic fly threader, BB crusher, hook eye needle, lanyard attach point
  • Patterned surface for improved grip
  • Made in the USA

Buy this durable and easy to use nipper in either Pacific or Simms orange from our Bozeman fly shop!