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The Ultimate Euro-Nymph Outfit

From an angler's hand to the mouth of a trout, this is the ultimate euro-nymphing outfit.

Sage 3100-4 ESN Rod

Sage's most versatile ESN, the 3100-4 is a perfect all around tool for both long and short line techniques. It is at home fishing larger weight flies or emergers for small wild fish as well as big trophies. This 10' 3 Weight is designed specifically for the demands of European Style Nymphing.

Sage ESN Reel

Packed with a suite of specialty features, the ESN reel is designed specifically with the Euro-Nymph angler in mind and is fine tuned to the nuances of the application. A unique balance system allows anglers to assemble and fine-tune a set of weights, so the ESN reel can perfectly balance any Euro Nymphing (or standard) rod.

RIO Euro-Nymph Line

RIO’s updated Euro Nymph line is built on a thin diameter, low stretch, supple core to maximize sensitivity and allow for lightning fast hook sets, while a highly visible tip helps anglers detect the slightest of strikes. This line is designed specifically for European style nymphing techniques, such as “French”, “Czech”, “Polish” and “Spanish” styles.

RIO Euro Nymph Leader

RIO’S Euro Nymph Leader is a uniquely designed tapered leader, and ideal for European nymphing techniques. The leader starts with 9’ of a milky-white tapered nylon for visibility, which is then attached to 22” of RIO's 2X, two-tone Indicator Tippet material, for maximum visibility in all light conditions, and to make subtle strike detection easier. The leader ends with a tippet ring, allowing anglers to attach their own tippet to match the water type and conditions.

Lite Brite Perdigon

An ultimate Euro-nymphing fly that plummets to the bottom of the river and entices trout to eat year-round.

PMD Quill Spanish Bullet

Heavy, jiggy, fishy, and effective. The other ultimate Euro-nymphing fly from our Bozeman fly shop.

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