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Top 3 Streamer Rods | Fall 2021

With fish on their winter bulk program, the time for fishing streamers, hucking meat, or slapping the banks is now a viable way to catch a bunch of trout. Throwing heavy bugs with sinking fly lines requires the proper tool to fish effectively all day. Out favorite streamer rods for the Fall of 2021 can be found below!

Sage Igniter 691 - $995

The Sage Igniter remains at the top of the list when it comes to the application of throwing heavy fly lines and heavy flies. Accurately casting these big bugs has never been easier. The 6wt. in the Igniter is more than enough rod to power a Precious Metal into a tiny pocket along a rip-rap bank on the Yellowstone and draw Leroy Brown from his lair. If a new streamer stick is what you are seeking, ignite your game with the Sage Igniter

NRX+ Swimfly 788 - $795

The NRX+ Swimfly is light in hand and accurate and an all around meat chucking beast. The slightly shorter rod (8' 8") is remarkably powerful in close which makes quick work of picking at pockets in heavy cover with streamers and big flies. It can launch bugs at distance and is the perfect tool for fishing sinking lines from the boat. Swim your fly just right to entice an aggressive eat from a monster with the G-loomis NRX+ Swimfly.

Echo Streamer X - $479

Designed by Mr. Galloup himself, the Echo Streamer X is great if you hukking Sex Dungeons on the Upper Madison from the boat or wading the Gallatin. These new rods are designed to hit a coffee cup at 50 feet with a fly bigger than the cup. Every inch of these rods has been reverse-engineered to quickly load and deliver a fly with a minimum number of false casts. With its fast tip and powerful bottom section, they are uniquely tapered to deliver heavy payloads without breaking the bank.