Bozeman Area Fly Fishing Report 8/21 – Fins and Feathers Bozeman
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Bozeman Area Fly Fishing Report 8/21

Hot and smoky around Bozeman today but the fly fishing has still been keeping us cool and occupied. Continue reading for the full fly fishing report on the Bozeman area rivers.

Gallatin River

The Gallatin is one of the cooler and better fishing rivers in the area. It is also pretty darn consistent day to day. Fishing a dry dropper has been our go-to method. Purple attractor dries have been getting hammered early morning and close to dark in the evenings. The euro style jiggy nymphs remain our favorite dropper. We have been using flashy nymphs in the sun and more natural when the water is in the shade. Shed's Bridge in Four corners to the Missouri River is still on hoot owl restrictions so get off of this section by 2pm. Best fishing has been in the canyon. Spruce Moths up here are getting thicker and thicker by the day. Finally. Not a ton of big fish but consistent eats from smaller fish. Still some fish are choosing to eat hoppers in the valley. If you cover a bunch of water with a small streamer, inevitably, a few fish will take it. Some of the bigger fish have been caught with this method. Olive and black have produced best.

Upper Madison

The upper has settled into the pretty normal August fishing mode. Hopper fishing hasn't been lights out and fishing nymphs has produced a significant number of smaller fish. Big fish are still out there but have been tough to find. Fish have started to eat hoppers best around 11am until 2:30pm ish. Sculpin patterns and caddis pupa have produced the most fish subsurface. The Orvis Lightning Bug has not been a bad option either.

Yellowstone River

The smoke seems to be particularly bad in the Paradise Valley and up river towards Gardiner. Fishing has been.. ehh... Some days can be good while others are particularly slow. The river Emigrant and up has seemed to produce most fish. Not a ton of big fish have been picked up recently anywhere. A single hopper has been the move when fish are looking up, but when action seems slow a Hares Ear dropper or Pat's Rubberleg can keep you occupied on whiteys and a few trout here and there. This river seems to be hit or miss this time of the year. Don't get discouraged if fishing is tough one day, it could potentially be lights out the next!

Lower Madison

The lower water temps had been dropping but the recent heat have them increasing out of the dam yet again. Weeds are prominent and the only real hatch you will see out there will be bikinis. If you do head out, get out real early and off real early to help protect the fish. Hopper dropper rig with a Pheasant Tail dropper has been good.

Missouri River

Still some trico fishing on the upper river but it has been tough. Not nearly as many bugs out and about and the fish that have been up have been both picky and spooky. Trout will still take an ant and a hopper here and there. Nymphing in the morning has been good with crayfish patterns, midges, drowned tricos, and small mayfly patterns. The river has really been shutting off in the afternoons. Dry fly action will pick up slightly before dark. Weeds are pretty average for this time of the year so if you enjoy catching those green floating delights try chucking a streamer around.