Bozeman Fall Fishing Update – Fins and Feathers Bozeman
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Bozeman Fall Fishing Update

For the quick, brief, down and dirty run down regarding what is going on around Montana keep reading. For detailed descriptions on our rivers check out our fishing reports.

Cooling quickly here in Bozeman. Throughout the state too. This is good for fishing. Today felt very fishy. Yesterday felt almost as fishy.

Winter storm starting tomorrow. Get ready for a wild ride and snow until Tuesday. Possibly a good bit of the white stuff.

Waders are now a Necessity

BWO's? Yes. Not a ton but fish are willing to eat olive mayfly patterns. More coming soon.

October Caddis? Yes. Try skating a large orange chubby, you might be surprised by what you find.

Worms? Definitely.

Streamers? Oh ya. Better than average at the moment. White. Or Black. Or Olive. Just swim that baby really.

Redds? Have yet to see any but keep an eye out! Don't tread on Redds.

Stop by our Bozeman fly shop to say what's up or to replenish what you lost last time!

Overall Fly Fishing Rating: 8/9*

*Subject to change with the cold front breathing icy winds down our neck as of tomorrow evening.