Bozeman Fly Fishing Update | Early May – Fins and Feathers Bozeman
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Bozeman Fly Fishing Update | Early May

River conditions and fly fishing around Bozeman have been changing rapidly as is the norm for Spring in SW Montana. Caddis popped, weather reverted back to winter, rivers blew out and that all happened in less than a week. Here is a fly fishing update from early May and what to expect next week for all of our Bozeman area rivers.

Lower Madison Caddis

Caddis popped on the Lower Madison this last week and dry fly action was hot in the evenings. Between yesterdays rain and the warm weather 2 days ago the freestones in the area blew out. Fishing has been changing nearly daily and will continue to do so into next week. Continue reading below to learn what to expect for fishing conditions into mid May or read our Montana trout fishing reports.

Lower Madison

The lower had a significant bump in flows today and might be a bit tough until it stays at a consistent flow for a few days. Caddis dry fly fishing was awesome until this cold weather but should pick back up with the warm weather the next few days. Nymphing has been great with standard Spring fare. Worms, crayfish, caddis pupa, and BWO nymphs were working the best and this method of fishing will be the first to pick back up again. Streamer fishing has been decent and will continue to be somewhat hit or miss. When flows are up the streamer eating fish can be found in more predictable locations (near the banks).

Brown Trout Lower Madison

Upper Madison

Second best fly fishing option in the area. The upper has come up a little bit but the color is still good and dry fly fishing has been solid with midges and BWO's. Caddis should be around this coming week when weather improves. Streamer fishing has been hit or miss but the nymphing has been consistently decent. Using worms, rubberlegs, caddis pupa, BWO's and prince nymphs have been reliable patterns.

Yellowstone River

Officially blown is the current status of the Stone. However, fishing could be a possibility by later this week as long as we don't have any crazy rain events or extremely warm weather. If the flows stay below 10k cfs and the stars align caddis fishing could be extremely solid. Keep an eye out for dropping flows and watch the wind before you head over there.

Gallatin River

Muddy and high but the Gallatin also might be fishing by the end of the week. Wading will still be difficult but some of the Mother's day hatch should be hanging around and nymphing with worms and stonefly nymphs will be good. Again, just keep an eye on the flows and the weather before heading out.

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