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Bozeman Salmonfly Watch

June is just a day away. Weather has been hot and is getting hotter. A whole slough of aquatic insects begin hatching in Montana during the month of June, Salmonflies being the most notable. Salmonflies have already been spotted on the Henry's Fork and the Big Hole is maybe only a week out. The Bozeman area follows a week or two later. The salmonfly watch is on.

We have heard word that salmon flies have been hatching on the Henry's Fork as of last week. Meaning one thing of ever importance to Bozeman area anglers, the big bugs are only a couple weeks away from popping on the Gallatin and Madison. With the heat we are seeing this week they will be here before we know it. Keep your eyes and ears peeled if you are interested in fly fishing this epic hatch as they can show up and disappear in the blink of an eye.

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