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Caddis on the Yellowstone

By an event of sheer luck and impeccable timing, we were able to hit an iconic Mother's Day Caddis hatch on the Yellowstone River. Conditions were the perfect storm for something epic. A warm, windless day with intermittent cloud cover allowed both trout and caddis to awaken with different intentions but equal ferocity. For some anglers, a hatch like this is a once in a lifetime spectacle. I was lucky enough to experience it just yesterday.

Mother's Day Caddis

Mats of caddis so thick that from a distance they were indiscernible from a beige shag rug covered the Yellowstone River. At times it made spotting my fly impossible and the chance a trout would take my size #14 Olive Body Double Caddis in the sea of naturals dropped down to approximately 0.03%. It took some searching but in areas where the bugs weren't as abundant, rising fish would crush my fly with reckless abandon. Half the time drag free drifts didn't even matter. Trout on caddis violence was high Yesterday.

Xan Big Brown

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Don't hit the Yellowstone without at least a handful of your favorite caddis dry fly. Don't want to break off on a fish like this and not have some back ups!