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March Browns are Here

March Browns have been spotted on several of the rivers around Bozeman. The window to fish imitations of these large mayflies is short but a ton of fun. Five of the best flies to fish during the March Brown hatch can be found here!

March Browns are here! We’ve been seeing some significant hatches of these bugs on the rivers in the Bozeman area. The March Brown hatch is the first hatch of the year that gives our eyes a break from straining to see a size 18 or 20 dry fly. Here are 5 March Brown dry flies that you should be sure to have in your box if you’re hitting the river anytime soon.

March Brown Sparkle Dun

  • Sits low in the water

  • Great for fishing in slower, calmer water

  • Trailing shuck adds a bit of shine

  • Imitates a March Brown caught in the surface film

March Brown 14

  • Sits high in the water

  • Can be fished in faster riffles

  • Super buggy pattern

  • Realistic profile

Parachute Hares Ear

  • Imitates several insect adults

  • Sits low in the water

  • Floats well

  • Easy to see the white parachute

Adams Foam Parachute

  • Floats like a cork

  • Easily visible

  • Flashy rib grabs the attention of fish

  • Can support small droppers

Purple Haze

  • Trout love purple!

  • Floats really well

  • Easy to see

  • Extremely versatile

Dry fly fishing is back here in southwest Montana! Stop by our Bozeman fly shop for all the March Browns you’ll need.

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