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Really Quick Bozeman Fly Fishing Update

What's happening on Rivers around Bozeman? Find out here!

Things are HOT around Bozeman, in the fishing sense at least. Overall, the weather has been quite variable with t-storms frequenting SW Montana and temperatures lower than average for this time of the year. Back to fishing. Bugs everywhere. Trout eating on the surface. Clear water. Get out there.

Lower Madison

Bikini hatch is just as hot or hotter than the fishing. Nymphing = very good. Dry fly fishing = very good in the evenings but poor when there is not a cloud in the sky. Permanent hoot owl starts July 15th, still a few days remain to get that evening session in.

Upper Madison

Great fishing throughout the day. Caddis, PMD's, some drakes, sallies, and a few remaining big stones hatching. Evening dry fly action has been pretty great. Nymphing or dry dropper rigs during the heat of the day will keep a fly angler occupied. Some salmonflies around the upper walk-wade. Worth throwing meat if you're bored of catching fish or chasing something big. Upper = buuuussssyyy.

Gallatin River

Bugs everywhere. If they aren't, it doesn't really matter. Attractor dry flies and maybe a dropper should crush all day. Big bugs fading a bit. Sallies, caddis, PMD's hatching strong. The canyon is good, but so is the valley. Now that I think about it, above Big Sky and below 4-corners are also fishing well. Get out there!

Yellowstone River

Well, at about 8,000 cfs in town and dropping. Fish are hungry and quite frankly crushing flies. Dries, streamers, nymphs eaten by big fish, small fish, native fish, sport fish, whitefish. If your don't have FOMO about fly fishing the stone, your probably should.

Get to fishing folks. If you need something before you head out, our Bozeman fly shop has you covered.