September Fly Fishing Update – Fins and Feathers Bozeman
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September Fly Fishing Update

Southwest Montana is fly fishing well. In fact, it's fly fishing very well. It's cool, the water is cold and trout are happy. The only downside, it's still a bit smoky. But the late summer fishing resurgence has produced MEGA trout.

Between fishing hoppers and the rapidly improving streamer fishing, time on the water in SW Montana has never been better. If you prefer to watch an indicator or tight line nymphing is your style, no need to fret, these methods have been even more productive. We are expecting this killer fishing to last into the foreseeable future. Get out there!

The smoke really is not horrible and it comes and goes seemingly daily. Attractor dry flies have been HOTT. Fishing a caddis pupa ($3 Dip) or Perdigon below a purple foamy fly (Low Rider Stone) on nearly any river has been nothing but smiles.

We still have some solid availability for guided fly fishing trips this September!

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Still tons of gear. Rods, reels, waders, boots, anything and everything you need, we have. We probably have too much of it.

Best fly selection in Bozeman. Check.

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