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Top 5 Winter Midge Nymphs

Winter means fly fishing with midge patterns. Here are my personal favorite midge nymphs to use on our Bozeman area waters.

1. Red D-Midge

This lightweight midge patterns rocks the perfect profile and seems to be easy for trout to see. I use it on every river from the MO to the upper Gallatin. Works great for picky fish just below the surface when fished behind a dry fly.

2. Black Tube Midge

The tube midge has a tungsten bead making it a great second fly for deep nymphing or in fast moving water (upper Madison). The Black bead means less flashy, and this fly excels when fish are not eating a standard Zebra Midge or when fished behind a flashy first fly.

3. Blue Mighty Midge

For some odd reason, I have had days where I can't buy a fish with purple, red, or black midges but put the blue headed Mighty Midge on and try to stop me. This pattern is also light and crazy durable. Crushes on the lower Madison

4. Black Jig Zebra Midge

The standard, reliable, black zebra now with a heavy tungsten bead and tactical jig hook. Why fish anything else? I have yet to determine if the thinner profile makes a difference. Stay tuned. I may revisit this.

5. Olive Jujubee Midge

The flashy wing case of the Jujubee Midge makes this fly easy to spot by fish in overcast and sunny conditions. Being unweighted, it works really well behind a heavy first fly, split shot, or under a dry fly. This pattern seems to be overlooked by many winter anglers.