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7 Unique Fly Tying Hooks

The world of fly tying is evolving faster and faster every year. Countless new materials and colors, gadgets to make everything easier and of course new hook styles (notably the countless jig style hooks now available). It can be hard to keep up with it all. Here at Fins & Feathers we stock well over 100 hooks styles and its easy get overwhelm by them all. To help you discover some new hooks to spice up your tying life here are some of our favorite unique hook styles available at our Bozeman fly shop and online. Some of them are new, some of them are old, and all hold limitless possibilities.

Daiichi “Big Eye” Hooks

Both the Daiichi 1100 and 1110 have an oversized eye. 1100 is a standard down-eye dry fly hook similar to a TMC 100, while the 1110 is same except it’s a straight-eye version similar to a TMC 101. The obvious advantage is that flies tied on these hooks are easier to thread with tippet. While these hooks are popular with older folks, anyone can appreciate the benefits while trying to tie on something like a Trico spinner or midge cluster.

MFC 7052 “Vertical Eye” Streamer Hook

From the mind of the streamer guru himself, these hooks add a new dimension to streamer flies – literally. The orientation of the eye encourages more side-to-side movement, especially on the trailing half of articulated flies. Add that with a large hook gap added by the Aberdeen-style bend found on the MFC 7050 or Daiichi D2461 and you have a killer trailer hook that lends itself well to standard wire articulations. The vast majority of Galloup’s streamers from Montana Fly Company are now tied with these hooks as the trailer.

Mustad 37160 - The O.G. Wire Worm Hook

Imitated, but never duplicated. The Mustad 37160 is the first and best option when comes to wire worms. It’s included here because it tends to get lost among the deformed clones and copies out there. Why this remains the best option for wire worms is two-fold. The shape and keel allow the hook to ride consistently point up and bounce off the bottom without hanging up very much. While the upturned eye on this hook keeps the knots in a straight-line reducing twisting while casting and drifting.

Fulling Mill Stealth Jig 90-Degree

There’s nothing new about 90-degree jig hooks, which have been a favorite of stillwater anglers for balanced leeches for years. However, finding these hooks small enough to tie trout leeches can be a challenge. Thankfully our friends over at Fulling Mill have the goods.

Umpqua X-Series XS435 Bendback

An oldie that’s making a comeback. This hook makes single hook baitfish patterns like Clouser Minnows and Deceivers look and swim awesome. The hook offset helps hide the hook in the tailing materials, while distributing the weight more evenly, eliminating upturned point twisting. The BN5X (tough black nickel) finish from Umpqua really holds up well the elements and abuse making it a great choice for saltwater flies and tooth critters.

Tiemco TMC 708

There are several of these bent-shaft style nymph hooks out there. They are a popular choice for stonefly nymphs (check out the Delektable stones). The nice thing about this particular iteration is the straight eye that opens up the hook gap for better hookup ability and makes tying on streamside easier. There are also some cool large dry flies being tied on this hook with sunken abdomens.

Firehole Sticks 315

At first glance there’s nothing special about this hook besides the unusually long stiletto point which is ubiquitous to Firehole hooks. However, the over exaggerated curve of this hook creates a really nice hook gap. That coupled with the fact it tends to drifts point up, creates a combination that we’ve really fallen in love with for stonefly nymphs.