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Best Mother’s Day Caddis Patterns

The warm weather has finally arrived late this April, and it has brought Caddis along with it. Water temperatures on all of our Bozeman rivers are finally creeping up which should have some of the first caddis popping in no time. The Mother’s Day caddis hatch is an incredible fishing experience that everyone should have an opportunity to fish at least once, even better if you get to hit it every year. This smaller dark bodied caddis can emerge in unbelievable numbers leading to caddis crawling all over your body and a trout feeding frenzy. Here are our favorite dry fly patterns to mimic the Mother’s Day hatch.

Olive X2 Caddis Tan Corn Fed Caddis

Black Elk Hair Caddis Dun CDC & Elk Olive Hot Wing Caddis

1. Olive X2 Caddis 2.Tan Corn Fed Caddis

3. Black Elk Hair Caddis 4. Tan CDC & Elk 5. Olive Hot Wing Caddis

Fish all of these patterns in a size 14-18. Start with a dead drift presentation and swinging the fly at the end of the drift, if this does not produce, give your fly a slight twitch and rest over the risers to get that splashy emerging caddis eat we all know and love. Find these caddis patterns in our Bozeman fly shop and read our fishing reports to know when the caddis come off.