Bozeman Fly Fishing Gear Outlook – Fins and Feathers Bozeman
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Bozeman Fly Fishing Gear Outlook

Fins & Feathers is stocked deep with for the season with the most popular rods, reels, fly lines, wader, wading boots, and flies ready to go!

Nice weather is on the horizon, we are all starting to stick our heads out once again, and there are few places any of us would rather be than right here in Bozeman, Montana. The world -and the business side of fly-fishing – has wildly changed in the last 12 months and we wouldn’t be here today without you!

We have spent the last 6 months getting ready for 2021 and it feels great to finally be able to see the other side of this “shit-storm” we were all dealt in 2020. All of us at Fins & Feathers have worked harder than ever to continue to deliver on our promise of being the “fishy dudes” and the most well-stocked fly shop in the region. It hasn’t been a stroll in the park, but we are ready and look forward to welcoming everyone back into the store and sharing in your life aquatic once again.

The biggest challenge facing operations like Fins & Feathers in 2021 is going to be inventory management. Broken supply chains and clogged ports are putting a strain on the industry – across the board. We invested heavily, bought early, and filled our storage with as much as the most desirable products we could find so that you don’t have to run all around the state looking for your next fly rod, waders, lines, boots, or your favorite Spanish Bullet. We won’t have everything throughout the season, but we will have choices and options for everyone – probably more than most, to be honest.

  • We have fly rods in-stock! You’ll find the best selection of Sage, Orvis, Scott, Loomis, and Thomas & Thomas fly rods in Bozeman throughout the season at Fins & Feathers of Bozeman. Whether you are just getting started or looking for the right GT rod - we have choices, expertise, and selection.
  • Waders and boots are an essential part of the kit this time of year and we are well-stocked with the most popular styles from Orvis, Simms, and Patagonia for both men and women across multiple price points. The supply chains here are going to be exceptionally challenged through the summer of 2021, so shop early to ensure the best selection – wherever you shop.
  • Flies are our specialty. We have bought BIG for 2021 and leveraged the size of our purchases to ensure the highest level of fulfillment from all of our fly vendors. Whether we are talking about regional tyers or the big brands – we went big and will have the best dries, nymphs, and streamers around as the season starts to roll along.

If you are looking for something specific and can’t find it at our Bozeman fly shop, just ask us and we will let you know if it’s something we can get quickly or not. In most cases, we can certainly get whatever you want, but the reality is that it often takes several weeks or even months right now if the manufacturer does not have your item ready to go. Know that we are working hard to maintain a healthy inventory of all of our most popular items, and we will be happy to offer suggested substitutions whenever possible.