Fall Fly Fishing Outlook – Fins and Feathers Bozeman
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Fall Fly Fishing Outlook

Temperatures are starting to drop here in Southwest Montana which will change fly fishing conditions for the better. Here is a brief outlook for fly fishing around Bozeman this fall.

Fly fishing in SW Montana has continued to produce. It is actually picking up with how cool the temperatures have been at night. Fishing with hoppers has definitely slowed down but can be replaced with streamer fishing and really good nymphing. When hoppers haven't been working I have found trout willing to take ants and attractor dries. We are seeing some tricos but in fewer numbers daily. The next notable dry fly action will be when the blue winged olive hatch picks up in a few weeks. The trout are going to be riled up with the dropping water temperatures and willing to chase down bigger meals when this happens.

We fully expect great fishing this Fall as it seems that we have made it through the hottest part of the year without even the typical August lull. The fall BWO hatch will get going before long. When baetis and October caddis are around fish will be interested in eating on the surface once again. The large orange October caddis which hatch at night aren't seen often, but fishing or skating large red or orange bodied dry flies works pretty well into October. Until then, we highly recommend messing around with yellow, olive, and black articulated streamers. If chucking meat is not your style, the nymph fishing has been good and will continue to produce fish well into winter. Euro Jig style flies have been productive on all of our rivers. Crazy productive.

Despite the anticipated great fishing, our Bozeman fly shop still has some availability for guided fishing trips this Fall! Book with us to make the most out of the fall fly fishing action.