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Fishpond Nomad Wading Nets

A lightweight and reliable net for fly fishing is often overlooked but can make all the difference when it comes to landing the trout of a lifetime. Give a Fishpond Nomad hand net to anyone with an old cracked wooden net, someone who has lost a huge fish due to lacking a net, or to yourself this holiday season!

Fishpond hand nets include the Nomad Emerger and Nomad Native. Whether you are backpacking or want a little extra reach, both of these nights are light, durable, and have large deep baskets for landing mega aquatic critters.

Nomad Nets are constructed with carbon fiber/fiberglass composite material. The result is a very lightweight and durable net. Nomad Nets are built for the conditions that prevail where great fishing exists; they are waterproof, UV protected, and float like a cork. All Nomad Nets come standard with a rubber bag that is better for the fish and does not tangle your flies.

Nomad Emerger Net - $149.95

The Nomad Emerger net was designed to work with both packs and vests. The longer handle can easily tuck behind a pack but is not too long to hang off the back of a vest.


  • 32” Length
  • Weight with rubber bag: 430g or .95lb
  • 9.8”W x 18.8”L Head
  • Bag depth of 12"

Nomad Native Net - $125.97

The Nomad Native net was designed for the minimalist angler. The Native frame is the perfect size to hang off the back of a vest or fit in your luggage.


  • 25.5” Length
  • Weight with rubber bag: 340g or .75lbs
  • 8.5”W x 17”L Head
  • Bag depth of 11"
Pair either of these nets, or any net for that matter, with the Fishpond Confluence Net release to create a storage and easy access system. Landing fish on the run or keeping the net out of the way while navigating your favorite body of water has never been easier.

Get the net release for only $29.95!


  • 8lb magnet pull force
  • 12” coil expands to 96”
  • Rubber strap to attach to top or bottom of net