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FlyFishTruck Coming Soon!

The fly fish truck is coming to our side channel location in no time.

This year has been wild. Like really wild. We are finally going to get the FlyFishTruck back in action after a really long break from last season.

The Truck will be used at our side channel location, 40 Spanish Peaks Drive, for a few hours early in the morning to provide safe, and easy shopping for some of the best fly fishing gear out there. The fly selection is shockingly good in the truck this season. We have flies that cannot even be found in our Bozeman fly shop and hopper patterns are abundant! Shhhhhh.....

We have fly fishing goods. Lots of fly fishing goods. We are also incredibly easy to do business with. So next time you are hitting the river swing by the FlyFishTruck for a safe and easy shopping experience for all of the necessary fly fishing odd and ends!

Stay tuned for our exact days and hours of operation for the FlyFishTruck