July Bozeman Fishing Update – Fins and Feathers Bozeman
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July Bozeman Fishing Update

Despite the low water and hot weather we still have some excellent fly fishing opportunities around Bozeman Montana!

While rivers such as the East Gallatin, Jefferson, and Lower Madison are low and warm and have fishing restrictions, the upper Gallatin, Yellowstone, and upper Madison are all maintaining good temperatures and fishing really well. Getting out early is the name of the game this July. We have had great success fishing nymphs, dry flies, and streamers on all of the rivers mentioned above. Here is what to expect on each river as we push onward, deeper into the summer.

Gallatin River

The lower portion of the Gallatin is on "hoot owl" restrictions, Shed's bridge in Four Corners to the Missouri River Headwaters, however, the section above this has been fishing very well. Nymphing has been amazing, dry fly fishing has been about the same and streamer fishing has been solid. Caddis, PMD's, and yellow sallies have been the primary hatches. Ants & hoppers have also been effective on the surface as have spruce moth patterns even though the moths are not quite thick yet. Attractor patterns like stimulators and chubbies are always reliable. As long as you are fishing in the canyon or higher expect the good fishing to continue!

Yellowstone River

No fishing restrictions on the stone yet. Fishing has been really good especially in the mornings. Nymphing with flashy subsurface flies will rope in the whitey's but a larger hopper, or attractor dry fly has worked well to trick trout. The lower river is starting to get a bit warm but the recent cool nights have kept restrictions at bay. We are hoping that will be the case for a bit longer. Streamer reports have been good using larger articulated flies in whites and olive. Expect a decent evening caddis hatch and fish rising to these bugs. The higher you fish on the stone the better the fishing and the cooler the water.

Upper Madison River

The upper has followed suit with these freestones and is fishing really well. Hoppers and ants are becoming more and more important. Caddis hatches have also been pretty darn good and we have been using small tan caddis patterns to trick fish focused in on these bugs. Nymphing with a caddis pupa or a perdigon below a dry fly has been very effective. Fish are scattered throughout the river so if you are focused on one type of water and not finding success, switch it up. Fishing is expected to remain solid on the upper reaches of the upper hopefully, throughout the summer!

Get out there early and off early to reduce any additional pressure on fish! The fishing has been really good so take advantage while it lasts.

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