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Montana Winter Midge Fishing

Why the Winter midge hatch is one of shop staff, Simon's, favorite times of the year to fly fish in Montana.

Winter midge fishing is sometimes my favorite fishing of the year. No folks on the river and as I predominately wade fish - I have the pick of the slow runs to myself. Finding little eddies and slower sloughs are the key to finding fish. Throw long leaders with light tippets and use any one of the tiny floating midge patterns like the Griffiths Gnat, black Miracle Midge or Rio’s Caviar Midge. Wee bead headed Zebra Midges or a JuJu Flash Midge work perfectly subsurface.

If you require an indicator, keep it small and consider greasing your leader if you’d like to keep your flies higher up in the water column.

Wintertime doesn’t mean hanging up your rod. Still plenty of fishing left on your 2020 license. Midges today and very soon .. we can expect the first Baetis to be showing. What's not to love Montana!!!??

-Simon Chu

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