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Please Consider Helping Gallatin River Task Force

Whether you have heard of them or not the Gallatin River Task Force (GRTF) has been working hard to keep your Gallatin River healthy – and now they need your help! GRTF has been on the forefront of monitoring and action related to algae blooms, prolong drought and surging development. They are in need of more monthly donors. Now we all know another non-profit asking for money isn’t new, but this really is a great local group that’s doing a lot of good. For less than most monthly streaming services you can help ensure a healthy Gallatin River 365 days a year. Please consider donating or signing-up for a monthly contribution during this season of giving.

Message from GRTF:

"Friend of the Gallatin,

I will be brief: in 2021 we have seen unprecedented threats facing the Gallatin. With extreme, sustained drought, surging development, nuisance algae blooms, and stream pollution; we need your support to protect and save the river and our community drinking water supply in the coming year.

In fact, we need 30 community members to sign up to become monthly donors to sustain our restoration and conversation work. Would you be willing to join us to give monthly to keep our projects moving forward at full capacity?

Any amount would be meaningful and help us to keep things moving at peak flow: $10, $15 or even $20 a month will go a long way!

Thank you for your love of the Gallatin and our cold-water trout fisheries!

Happy Holidays!


Chief Executive and Science Officer
Gallatin River Task Force"

Gallatin River Task Force - Gallatin Cliffs