SW Montana Hoot Owl Restrictions – Fins and Feathers Bozeman
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SW Montana Hoot Owl Restrictions

Hot weather has led to some high water temperatures on many of the rivers around Bozeman Montana. A few Hoot Owl restrictions have been implemented in the area to protect the fish.

Here are the current Hoot Owl restrictions for our Bozeman area rivers. Hoot owl means no fishing from 2pm to 12am.

Lower Madison: Warm Springs FAS to the headwaters of the Missouri River

Gallatin River: Highway 84 Bridge (Sheds Bridge near Four Corners) to the Missouri River

Jefferson River: The entire Jefferson River

Lower Ruby: Duncan District Road to the Beaverhead River

Big Hole River: North Fork of the Big Hole to Dickie Bridge West of the Wise River and Maidenrock FAS to the Beaverhead River.

Beaverhead River: Anderson Lane to the Jefferson River

Make sure you pay attention to closures this time of year before you hit the river and swing by our Bozeman fly shop to browse Bozeman's best fly selection!