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Top 3 Affordable High Performance Fly Rods

Looking for a high performance fly rod this holiday season that won't break the bank? These three rods are not only great rods, but also great value.

High end rods are great, but not every great fly rod is a $1000. There are excellent options that won't break the bank without sacrificing that high performance feel. So with that in mind we put together our three favorite 'bang for your buck' high performance fly rods.

Lamson Velocity

I know what you might be thinking "Lamson makes good reels not rods!" and you may have been right in the past, but the Velocity has really been turning some heads in the industry lately. This rod has separated itself not only with its fast action performance but also its unique price point at $400 for 4-6wt and $450 for 7-8wt. This is thanks in part to the fact that they were one of the only rod/reel companies that did not raise their prices this fall. The velocity is definitely not the rod you want for throwing dries on 6x tippet, however it is a great reasonably priced streamer, nymph, or large dry specific rod. If you are in the market for a fast action rod and don't want to pay more than $500 this is the rod for you.

G-Loomis IMX Pro

The IMX Pro at $525 is among one of our best performing mid priced rods. It is definitely a fast action rod making it great for punching into the wind, but does not feel like a broomstick. So if you are looking for a do it all rod in that mid price range the IMX pro would be great option. G-Loomis is also known for the durability of their rods so you shouldn't have to be sending it back every season which is definitely a bonus.

Orvis Recon

Orvis rods have been perhaps the most consistent over the past 30 years and will always be a safe bet when choosing a rod company. Although it is technically a fast action rod it falls more in the middle and would be considered more of an all around/multi purpose rod. If you are in the market for a 5wt that can throw delicate dry fly rigs, heavy nymph rigs, and small streamers all in the same day this is the rod for you. The Recon is the most expensive of the three at $550, but still is a reasonable price for great all around rod.