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Top 5 Fly Rods for Streamer Fishing

Get ready for your next streamer fishing adventure by learning more about the best tools for hucking big streamers.

Fly fishing with streamers can be effective and fun, and better yet, can be a great way to catch BIG fish. My personal favorite time to throw streamers is when the weather and water start cooling in the fall or when temperatures start rising in the spring. After extensively casting rods, I created a list of my personal favorite fly rods that are specifically for casting large streamers. Find all of these streamer sticks and more in our Bozeman fly shop.

Keep in mind, if you buy any of the rods below you will find yourself with a fly rod that you will be incredibly happy with.

1. Thomas & Thomas Exocett SS

The 8'8" T & T Exocett SS 250 grain made a run from the back of the pack when stacking up against the other rods. I had no expectations and had never cast it, but knew after only a few casts that the SS is a perfect Montana streamer rod. It is a gorgeous rod that has the perfect combo of feel and power. Easy and fun to cast but reliable in difficult fly fishing conditions. Having recoil guides, sexy good looks, and big round fighting butt are just an added bonus. The few inches it is lacking make it accurate within the inch but not quite as good for mending. The way that I fish streamers, mending is not required. If a serious fly fisher has never cast this rod, he/she definitely should. $825

2. Sage Igniter

The 9'1" 6wt. Sage Igniter is a badass, beefy stick that is packed with power. It is specifically designed for hucking mega streamers. I prefer this rod in the 9 foot 6wt. for fly fishing around Bozeman while every other rod that made this list I like in the 7wt. Very fast action, yet an angler can receive enough feedback to feel and control every cast in difficult conditions. Accurate from 15 feet to 70. This rod is tough to beat when it comes to throwing meat. The only reason that this rod did not take first is the fact that it does not look quite as good as the Exocett. $900

3. G-Loomis IMX Pro 1

Yup. 8'10" 7wt. 1-piece fly rod. There is 1 big long piece of graphite that prevented this stick from taking first. Transportation is incredibly difficult with a 1-piece fly rod while casting a 1 piece fly rod is incredibly enjoyable. Power, accuracy, and distance all can be obtained with little to no work. The price point for this rod is right at only $495. Not the best of looks but who cares when the performance is this outstanding.

4. Scott Sector

Great feel and power combined. Great for long casts, short casts, and everything in between. The Sector is the newest rod on the list and the best looking. Recoil guides, blue accents, and unsanded blank really make the Scott Sector stand out amongst these rods. Windy Fall day? No problem. Put the fly right where you want it all day with the Scott Sector in hand. $985

5. Orvis Helios 3D

Lightweight, accurate, and versatile. The 9' 7wt. H3D may be the lightest of the streamer rods. The only reason this stick didn't rank higher is the beautiful white label and the fact that it is just slightly older. It does sport recoil guides a comfortable fighting butt. Excellent tip recovery and unprecedented hoop recovery make this rod super easy to cast. The H3D is well worth it the $949.

Swing by the shop to give any of these or many more rods a test cast prior to hitting the rivers hard this fall. We also have a great selection of streamers so stock up before you head out!

Note that different folks have different casting strokes. This is how rods stack up based on how I cast.